barely audible
in anticipation
discovered content
generously conceded
long silence
invisible thread
feeling beneath
no hesitation
reflections transposed
out of nowhere
commitment problem
remarkably similar
guide to knowledge
standard reference
emphatic tone
condensed version
great trepidation/expecting the inevitable
discreetly avoided
cryptic nature
somewhere else
bound to be
upon a time
hoping simply
something unfamiliar
consciously or not
amiable and benign
several seconds
meant to be...
waiting without
forward countenance/bliss of solitude
enlightened allusions
restless imagination
where the water eddied
buried in some
maybe, somehow
locked and repositioned
shades of grace
tried to articulate
competence and peace
unprepared/without knowing
a dim premonition
in a vague sort of way/flapped lazily over
elements in common
fine boned
an ordinary minute
fog bound
sufficient means
always in motion
slightly different position
primed with image/void of sound
experimental techniques
shaped over
with anticipation
as vivid as
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